Wilmington Coffee Fest 2022 Cup Tasters Competition
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Locations and Rules

The Cup Tasters Competition will be held at both Waterline Brewing Co. and Hi-Wire Brewing Wilmington locations. There will be 4 contestants selected for each location where they will compete in three rounds. The final winner of each location will compete for the ultimate WCF Cup Taster at Hi- Wire Brewing at 2:30pm.

The Competition

  1. The competition is organized in 4 sets of coffees in a triangular format for each participant. In each set, 3 cups of coffee are set up in which two are identical, and one is different. The aim of the competition is for the participant to use their senses to identify the odd cup out of the three. The competitors are being tested only on their ability to distinguish differences in coffees, not to identify their quality, process or origin, etc.
  2. The timekeeper will signal for all 4 competitors to begin tasting at each set. The round is over when all competitors have stepped back from the table or after a maximum of 10 minutes, whichever occurs first. Competitors must identify the differing coffee by pushing it over a designated line on the table from the other cups. The winner is the competitor who correctly identifies the highest number of differing cups. In the event of a tie, competitors will compete in one more round with the competitor successfully completing the set in the shortest amount of time will be declared the winner of the round.

Signing up

If you are ready to join the WCF 2022 Cup Tasters Competition please fill out the form below. A registration fee of $10 will be donated to Kids Making It and Dreams, our 2 sponsored local Non-Profits. Only 8 participants will be chosen at random to participate in the competition. Registration ends January 27 th 2022. The final winner wins prizes provided by sponsors and vendors.